If you are thinking about a career in communications or thinking about starting a business that offers communication services, there is one key to note. Communication is COMMUNICATION. It is all about associating with the right people, networking and always building and maintaining relationships through communications.

Today while we were in class, there was one interesting topic that was more profound that the others which is networking and how essential it is to know the right people and to build on these relationships. We fail to admit it it sometimes but do not be fooled. It is all about who you know if you want to be successful in the communication field especially if you want to start a business out of it.

In Public Relations especially, networking is vital because the core of PR is to build and maintain beneficial relationships. Therefore, in order to maintain these relationships, PR professionals always have to sell there selves as an enterprise. They are their own product and as such, networking is an essential tool to use to stimulate the right associations and relationships that will help to build their enterprise.

Five benefits of networking are:

  • Business is generated through sustained networking activities
  • It builds beneficial relationships for all parties involved
  • It's a medium to promote, market and sell your enterprise and ideas
  • It allows you to be connected with those in your field of interest
  • It builds new relationships that are valuable to your enterprise/product

Promote, market and build your enterprise through NETWORKING. It works!