One of the most dominant features of life as we know it is that every activity now happens in space and in real time. Globalization has made the world one so that we can focus as a village; carrying out business transactions by a click and most importantly receiving information instantly.

One of the things we have also observed is that no longer are people relying solely on other businesses to carry out different functions for them because things can get done with a click! Virtual space has also provided numerous job opportunities and we strongly believe that the future is online. Almost everything can be done in virtual space!

When we were younger, our parents wanted us to pursue the ‘ideal’ career paths such as becoming a doctor, lawyer or an educator. Nothing is wrong with these professions because we need every profession so that we can function effectively to make everything work. In other words, every profession is needed. However, we should not aspire only to what is considered ideal. At Aranis Technologies, we break down barriers (traditional) and ideologies that trap us into one way of thinking. We encourage innovation not only in technology but new ways of thinking that will not only lead to a developed society, but lead to a developed individual.

Therefore, we are urging persons to adopt a new way of thinking and understand NOW what the future holds. It is obvious that the future is online! Every activity happens online and it is up to us to understand this and find ways of earning income by tapping into these activities. Therefore, we are encouraging people to learn the trends of online support; marketing; how people communicate and launch into careers that will help you to earn more. Tap into the trends of careers that are providing solutions and those that are always needed and study accordingly. If you are tech or communications oriented, here are a few career paths you can pursue and earn from, even while doing your regular job. Who says you can only do one thing?

  • Social media marketing and promotion
  • Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
  • Online PR
  • Website and App development (Mobile Apps)
  • Graphic designing
  • Content strategist
  • Software developer
  • Social Media Strategist

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Want some more? Just ask Google!