According to the late Aggrey Brown, one of the most brilliant minds in communications across the Caribbean region, "Communication is the interactive transfer of shared meanings between intelligences." This definition is used by many which captures the essence of what communication really is and how important it is in all aspects of life. Communication is shared, it is dynamic, dialogic and it does not include only the transfer of information. it is an ongoing process.

Commnication is the foundation of creating, building and maintaining most relationships especially in a field such public relations. Without continuous communication between an organization and its publics, the business would have failed miserably! In this current global economy, communication or any peice of information is largely used for edutainment purposes. Hence, people do not only use information for the sole purpose of being informed but it is widely used for gratification or entertainment purposes. Subsequently, one who desires to start a business within the communication industry must be aware of these trends and the kind of information that people enjoy and what is being done with information being disseminated via the internet, new media radio, television, newspaper magazines etc.

A recent report on the news on Television Jamaica shows how much of an impact communication can have on an entire country. According to reports on TVJ News on April, 2, 2012, there is a website that warns US citizens against the Jamaican area code. This website warns citizens of calls coming from Jamaica because of the current scamming in the country. This kind of press of course is damaging to the Jamaican brand and as such the government, especially the Tourism arm of Jamaica has to do some damage control because this kind of information conveyed creates a crisis for the country. This is where communication consultants come in! This kind of information proliferated over the internet needs persons in the communication industry to help to mitigate this problem. There are different areas in communications that one can start a business. Some of these are:

  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Blogging for different companies
  • Social Marketing

All of these areas would create a better gateway to proper communication and create an image that will be beneficial and profitable to the entrepreneur. If one desires to start a business in communication, it is essential to know the current trends in the industry. In this way, one will know exactly how to create a business plan to create communication services to any business/brand that is in need of communication services.